The Ortlinghaus Group

Our Group Profile

120 years of engineering excellence.

The Ortlinghaus Group was founded in 1898 and has since then delivered engineering excellence. Today we are a leading manufacturer of clutches, brakes and systems for drive solutions in many industries.

We are a fourth-generation family-run company with more than 550 employees and manufacturing sites in Germany, Switzerland and China. We are proud of our long history and have structures and processes in place to ensure the long-term stability of the Group. Our values and long-term targets, which comprise stability, innovation, and growth, are aligned in this respect, too.

Our Values

We are ethical and law-abiding

We treat each other in a respectful and fair manner

We are




Our Goals

Sustainable profitability

Financial stability

Organic growth

Perpetual innovation

Global presence

Our global network, consisting of more than 25 branch offices, sales partners, and service points, ensures that we can respond quickly and stay in touch with our clients' needs.
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