Multi-plate clutches by Ortlinghaus

Series 002 / 021 / 202 and Series 600 / 700

The hydraulic multi-plate clutch series 022 / 021 impresses with its comprehensive service friendliness. The plate pack, which is wear-free under the specified conditions, can be accessed from either side depending on the model, and ensures an easy, safe, and swift replacement of the plate pack. The special design also ensures that other components cannot fall out during replacement.

The series 202 is a modern multi-plate clutch as consequent development of proven technology. A high torque with simultaneous high heat capacity is achieved, connected with low weight due to a smaller outside diameter. Additionally there is the possibility to use a large shaft diameter. Because of the power-density, it is possible, especially with torque ranging high, to choose a smaller unit size for less weight and cost.

Ortlinghaus slipping clutches, such as series 600 / 700, are used when external peak loads need to be absorbed and smoothed safely. They provide protection from peak torque and unexpected stoppages. As the release torque can be set, torque is also transferred during slipping so that no uncontrolled torque transmission takes place. A reset is not required either.

Ortlinghaus clutches
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