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The quality of a product can only be ultimately determined after a few years. A correctly selected clutch-brake unit should guarantee an untroubled operation of the machine as long as possible. But even if damage occurs, whether due to wear or even to incorrect operation of the machine, the measure of a manufacturer is how quickly the machine is repaired and put back into operation.

We provide you with a spare part services that normally extends way beyond the 10-year legal requirement. Whoever operates machines using our products knows that they can even often successfully request a spare part for a machine that is over 50 years old.

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Maintenance Information

Ortlinghaus Original Quality.

We will be happy to provide technical product information for maintenance of your clutch or brake – or any accessory we deliver. Original Ortlinghaus spare and wear parts guarantee highest safety due to best quality and compatibility to the original Ortlinghaus product.

If you are not able to make repairs yourself, or if you don't want to execute them yourself, then we can provide repairs at our factory. We can then guarantee for unlimited function. We also provide troubleshooting and/or repairs on site by our field mechanics. Please contact us to make an appointment for this. 

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