About us

Ortlinghaus UK

The technology of controlled torque. Products, Packages and Services.

With over 25 years experience in the technology of controlled torque, Ortlinghaus UK has built an unrivalled reputation offering a comprehensive range of highly engineered products, systems and services to satisfy the demands of transmission control across a miriyad of industrial applications.

Millions of our products are currently in service on a global basis providing our customers with:

  • Faster operation cycle times
  • Higher precision in operation
  • Reduced wear Longer service life
  • Increased safety through shorter braking paths
  • Use of environmentally compatible materials

Design Engineered Solutions

Full CAD systems, qualified engineering staff, pro-active customer relationships

Our wealth of experience across a broad spectrum of industries and control applications qualifies our expertise to advise on both product selection and installation design.

We specialise in custom "solutioneering" providing our customers with integrated solutions at an economic cost of acquisition.

Fully integrated control solutions

Complete customer satisfaction is our constant goal.

Ortlinghaus UK has an enviable capability, offering solutions including complete turnkey packages incorporating Ortlinghaus manufactured products, specials or combinations and other brake and clutch products to exactly meet customers needs. Continuing investment in product development and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and disciplines has ensured a world-beating range of clutches, brakes and drives is consistently available.

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